How the indicators make a currency forecast

Now more than ever it’s important to earn on the foreign exchange rate fluctuations. This, fortunately, is available to everyone, because it does not necessarily look for exchangers or banks with more favorable rates. For earnings in the [...]

Using fractals in the Forex currency market

Forex fractals are used for technical analysis in forecasting price dynamics. The first researcher of the potential and the value of fractals was Dow. He displayed the dynamics of prices in the market with the help of a chart, on the basis of [...]

Using the indicators

There are many different indicators that are created in order to help in trading in the Forex market. Most of them can be grouped into two categories – leading indicators and lagging indicators. Both categories of indicators have their [...]

Best indicators for Forex trading

About the indicators that can help to find favorable moments for entering the market and closing points for deals, I learned from Bill Williams’ books. Although, no, not exactly. I read “Trading chaos” by Williams after I found out that [...]

All about Forex Discipline indicator

The main part of the organization of the world currency Forex market is the most advanced and heaped indicators called Forex Discipline. First of all, global foreign exchange market called Forex works with the largest and quite big amount of [...]

Automatic and manual trading advisors

Most people think that professional traders, when they are trading with currency pairs in the Forex market, relying only on own knowledge and experience, and the trading with the expert systems assistance is the beginners’ destiny. [...]

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands are a favorite indicator of many traders. They are very easy to use, intuitive understandable and they can tell a lot about the market, should you just look at them. So, how to use Bollinger bands to make [...]

Forex Profit strategy - Parabolic SAR

Every trader, who decided to work in Forex, always wanted to have their tactics, which always would give him/her a profit. There are a lot of such trade variations, but it is necessary to check every strategy in order not to lose money. [...]

The Rubicon indicator

The time intervals for trading in the system Rubicon, which are called time-frames, can be different, that is means, starting from M5 to D1. First, of course, is the interval M1, but its use is not recommended – it is too noisy or [...]

Indicators and oscillators in the Forex market

In training to trade in the Forex market, especially at the initial stage of such study, few of the traders turning their attention to the used indicators.
The importance of indicators

The vast number of not only beginners but [...]