3 super - advisers in the Forex

Wall Street Forex Robot Evolution is a new life of the honored advisor

I would like to discuss the Wall Street Forex Robot advisor by the Evolution version. This version is an updated modification of the advisor, which is the first [...]

The selection of a successful trading strategies

The basis for the successful trading strategies development in the Forex market, as in the stock markets, are two types of strategic analysis – technical and fundamental. The technical analysis has an advantage. It is more preferable [...]

How a beginner can earn in the Forex market

Internet technology are not static and every day they are rapidly growing. Because of that a majority of the World Wide Web users have a great opportunity to increase their capital playing in the foreign exchange market. The most loyal and [...]

The indicator Ichimoku description

To study the Ichimoku indicator mechanism in detail, its structure and most importantly, how to successfully use it to build an efficient trade in the Forex, you should to familiarize some reference data.
The advantages and using of [...]

Trade with the trend

Greetings, traders. Today we will talk about the proper indicators using. As you know, the price is the only leading indicator of the market dynamics and its further development. All secondary [...]

Market position - Trend & Flet

Forex experts claim that the currency market can be in one of two positions – either as a trend or as flet.
Trend market

Trending market is characterizes by the presence of a pronounced exchange rate dynamics vector, that [...]


Under multi-indicators refers to conventional, well – known trader’s indicators, but with a few differences. This article will help to understand why they are called so and what functions are performed by them.
3 main sections of [...]

Forex robots’ analysis

Many people who are new to the world of foreign exchange trading, otherwise known as Forex, often wonder — how can automated trading systems, or robots, help?

It should be clarified that foreign exchange trading involves taking into [...]

The trend power indicator

One of the common features of all the unsuccessful trading systems is the indicators misuse. The indicators can assist in the trade, but they should not be used exclusively as signals in the trade. The indicators should only be used to [...]

Forex Envy Advisor

In the Forex financial market professional brokers and ordinary people, who haven’t a necessary professional training, but want to earn an income from the currency rates fluctuations and securities exchange quotations, are trying to [...]