In an globalization and information technologies era, broker companies are growing in number at an amazing rate. It is difficult to figure out which of the [...]

The indicator Ichimoku description

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Forex Freedom strategy

Forex Freedom strategy is a harmonious combination of efficiency of use and ease of application that makes it available to both beginners of the Forex market and professional traders. If we use the quotes of four-digit profit usually used by [...]

Three stages of the Forex trend formation

Opinions about the formed trends of price movement vary among traders. Someone loves these moments because can build trading strategies on them, others fear, waiting for a [...]

The Turtles Secret

The Forex is rich with the secrets. This is not surprising because in the international currency market multi-billion dollars’ cash flows are focused. And money, as you know, loves rationality, quietness and … secrets.

A [...]

Gepard forex advisor

Gepard advisor is one of the most popular and stable robots, which has gained many positive reviews from customers. It should be noted that this advisor is the multicurrency. But work algorithm of this advisor is quite difficult, so not [...]

Automated trading system

In recent years the Forex market has become the most popular financial market in the world. And there are a lot of reasons for this, but the main reason is the large potential profit. However, the market has its own rules, and new traders [...]

What is the better - training courses or robots

Many beginner traders use automated trading systems (robots) to get a big profit, but also many other traders prefer to take learning courses to trade independently. Which of these options is preferable to you? Let’s look, which way is [...]

How to determine a trend end in the Forex

Working in the Forex market, we need to identify where the start of the trend movement was happened. It is necessary in order to make money in future. But besides, you need to be able to properly close deals and to do this you need to know [...]

How to build a robot for the Forex

Recently, much attention is paid to the improvement of the Forex trading means. The new technologies of the providing an access to liquidity, new accounts types, different sizes of leverage, different ways of depositing and withdrawing funds [...]