The Rubicon indicator

The time intervals for trading in the system Rubicon, which are called time-frames, can be different, that is means, starting from M5 to D1. First, of course, is the interval M1, but its use is not recommended – it is too noisy or disruptive. Intervals M15 and M30 are the best for trading in the mentioned system.

Using of system Rubicon is the following

  1. The system downloads to the Forex trader`s computer from data carrier or from the Internet, and installs to the same folder that already contains files of platform MT4 (MetaTrader4). At the end of the boot operation the corresponding icon should appear on the trader`s desktop.
  2. When trader boot the Rubicon, he/she enters the market, chooses the currency pair with which he/she wants to make deals, and establishes an additional indicator Rubicon.
  3. This operation is not mandatory and executes only for convenience of work. After installation of this indicator automatically will be open the settings window with variable settings for the size and color of the windows and the arrows, turning on and off sound. Settings, which are exposed to the “default”, are important for the work and therefore it is not recommended to change them.

System Rubikon operation

In General, traders think that the system is quite good, so it is well used by the traders in the Forex market. Specific scheme of system Rubikon operation will be considered on the example of trade currency pair EUR – American dollar in the time interval for a duration of five minutes.

When choosing the moment of entering the market, trader needs to monitor the position of this pair price, that is shown by a red line. It is called the exponential moving average, and typically has a period of 116. Then the trader looks at the candles position. If it is above the mentioned line – should purchase, when the lower – sale.

The Rubicon indicator

Then the trader moves on to monitoring the blue line and waits for its intersection with the red line. At this moment trader should open a position. The indicator will display a horizontal green line, that is fixing the price of entry.

Immediately upon its appearance, the trader exposes Buy stop without waiting for the current candle closes. If appears the yellow arrow, it is a signal that the position is opened and the order is executed.

In this moment on the screen automatically will appear the rectangles with the values of stop loss and take profit, on which trader should navigate. Rubicon will propose a trader to take it approximately equal, with a difference from entry level is not more than 14 pips. Beginners in the Forex market should accept those recommendations. Experienced players can increase take profit to 45 pips.

While the position is open, the trader will get the signal on the next entry to the market, to which the trader should not pay attention. He/she, on the contrary, needs to wait for the triggering of orders by take profit. Can work stop-loss, but it is worse. The rules of the Forex market forbid to enter the next transaction while order has not closed yet.

The trader needs to pay attention to the fact that when the prices candle reach the red line or happens their intersection, or – repulsion and the trend pursuit, during each next entry the profit will decrease. To avoid this, it is recommended to do a triple increase of take profit. This recommendation is proven repeatedly, and the results of all committed transactions are always profitable.

When arrows 4 and 5 will appear on the screen, and prices candles are again approaching to a red line, take profit, on the contrary, do not need to increase, and trader needs to trade strictly following the system instructions. Due to the fact that currency pairs price has grown for enough long time, now it will start to fall, and this technique for profit will not work anymore.

When making the deals on sale currency, traders works in a similar way – the schema is the same, only the price moves in the opposite direction.

The entry into the market happens when first line green will appear on the monitor. In this moment placing SellStop order. Rubicon system will show the values of the take profit and stop loss levels in the rectangles. A trader can take its values to trade, or increase the take profit. It is important to remember that an individual deal may be unprofitable, but most importantly that the summary profit was bigger.

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