How a beginner can earn in the Forex market

Internet technology are not static and every day they are rapidly growing. Because of that a majority of the World Wide Web users have a great opportunity to increase their capital playing in the foreign exchange market. The most loyal and comfortable possibilities of earning money on the currencies rates difference are available in the Forex market.

Instructions for the novice trader

So, in order to increase your capital in the foreign exchange market you should choose the right broker and download to your computer software proposed of him. Today, many traders prefer to work on the currency market using the MT4 terminal. Before you start a trade with real money brokers propose you to take a training course.

How a beginner can earn in the Forex market

During the training a player be able to test different trading systems in action without risking to lost own money, taking part in real trading. However, a trader will couldn’t withdraw this money, because they are conditional. But at the same time a Forex market participant will not lose his equity at an early stage. After the completing a market participant must decide stay in the game or leave it?

How to not lose money in the foreign exchange market

To use a demonstrative account, you should open it by clicking on file — Open account. In a Pop up Window enter information about yourself and the leverage amount. Next, enter the amount you are going to place on a real trading account, for example, $50.

The demonstrative account is opened. Then at the top left in the Market Review window, a trader should keep only those currency pairs with that he will later participate in the trading. If desired, a market participant at any time will be able to make some adjustments to this list in the Symbols tab. Additionally, in the top of the window the time frame kays are presented: 1 minute, 5, 15, 30, 1 hour and so on. Clicking on these kays you can accurately determine the future situation at the foreign exchange market.

Suppose a trader has decided that the exchange rate will rise. In this case he should buy the currency. The participant of the Forex market opens the Market Review window and right-click selects the section Open the order. Next, in the Symbol line he indicates a suitable currency pair.

Having on a trading account $ 50, he should play with the minimum lot of 0.01. If the market direction had fallen short of player’s expectations to avoid large financial losses he should mention in the Stop loss field the rate at which the order will be closed automatically.

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